Orthodontics is the field of science that deals with the alignment of the teeth and jaws as well as with the tooth movement. The position of our teeth within the jaws depends on many factors which include, the size of the jaw, the strength and shape of the periodontal musculature and the, of course, the teeth themselves.​

Thus, for example, the lower teeth in patients with a large tongue are positioned further out and a crossbite can be the result. The patients with strong masticatory muscles and a wide jaw, a so-called edge to edge bite may result. In individuals, who lost their baby teeth early due to caries, jaw growth may be slowed down, resulting in crowding of the adult teeth later in life. There are few misconceptions regarding orthodontic treatment that it is for teenagers and youngsters, age is not a limit the adults can also have orthodontic treatment.

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What is an Orthodontist?

Not everyone is familiar with what an Orthodontist is or what an Orthodontist does. Basically, an Orthodontist is a dentist who’s gone back to the university for an extra three years of full-time training to specialize in Orthodontics, it deals with straightening teeth and alignment of jaws. Sometimes it is obvious when you need to go for a consultation, teeth are spaced, teeth are crooked and overlapping and sticking out forward or some other obvious issues could have to do with speech, swallowing, chewing and smile But sometimes it’s not so obvious that’s why we recommend you to come and visit our Orthodontist in Brooklyn, NY who will consult you and treat you properly, because there ate some issues which need to be treated early on, the majority of things can wait till later. Our Orthodontist will treat you to have a perfect smile which is crucial and preventing issues regarding bite, chewing and more.
Below is the list of common disorders that can be treat by an orthodontist.

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What is Crowded Teeth?

These are when there are too many teeth and the spacing is too little, the teeth might be crowded together pushing some teeth forward and come back, and come out of the sides. This crowding makes it very difficult to clean the teeth because they are so close together and overlapping. Having the crowded teeth problem does not mean that there is no space in the jaw for those, it means that the teeth need to be adjusted for spacing.

  • Spaces: Those people having crowded teeth problems may also have teeth that are spaced too widely apart. This creates a room for food particles and bacteria to hide even the person has good oral sanitation. These large gaps can be hard on a person’s self-confidence and make it relatively difficult to clean the teeth and keeping the mouth healthy.
  • Overbites: Overbites are another most common orthodontic disorder which is characterized by an upper jaw that hangs over the lower jaw too far. This can be fixed with rubber bands and braces and is enough of a reason in and of itself to invest in orthodontic treatment.
  • Underbites: Same like overbites, underbites are common orthodontic disorder. Here, instead of the upper jaw, the upper jaw hangs out over the lower jaw, the lower jaw comes out in front of the upper jaw. The teeth will are misaligned in this case and can lead to damage to teeth and gums as well as make the chewing difficult for you.

What is Teeth at Odd Angles?

Teeth sometimes don’t grow at the angle they should, they might extend outward or might tilt inwards, these are most likely to get harmed by normal chewing and while playing sports or any other similar activity. The orthodontic treatment can surely correct angles of these teeth so that they are less likely to be chipped or broken.

What is Crossbites?

This orthodontic disorder is a combination of both underbites and overbites but not as common as both of these. The common combination is having lower molars that are wider than upper molars but an overbite at the front of the jaw. The crossbite makes chewing food difficult as none of the teeth is correctly lined up.

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What is Openbites?

When your front or back teeth do not meet as they should then it is called an open bite disorder, some teeth meet and others won’t. Those teeth that do not result in making chewing difficult, not only that they also lead to extra wear on the teeth that do meet.
All of these common orthodontic issues may sound serious but are easily correctable with the right orthodontic treatment.

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How Orthodontic Treatment Works

Orthodontic movement is a totally natural process, our teeth move naturally throughout life. As you know, your teeth came into your mouth you feel like they grow but it is called erupting in Orthodontic. As the structure and muscles change and we grow up, all of that affects the movement of teeth. So the orthodontic treatment is exactly the same process.

We use the appliances which could be either fixed or moveable, slight pressure is applied on the teeth to shift them to the ideal positions. The braces are fixed but the Invisalign provides an alternative. Both of these are available by our Orthodontist in Brooklyn and Staten Island.