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What Is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is an easy, affordable way to improve the appearance of your smile. Bright, white teeth convey health and vitality, helping you make a great impression in social and professional interactions. If your teeth have become discolored over time, our cosmetic dentists can help you restore a bright, dazzling smile.

You can find out more about the teeth whitening solutions we offer by speaking with Dr. Goel  in person. Please call (908) 679-8551.today to schedule an appointment. We serve patients in Ardmore, Bryn Mawr and throughout the Philadelphia area.

What Causes Teeth Get Stained?

The shade of your tooth enamel may be the result of:

Eating habits

strongly pigmented foods such as blackberries or blueberries will stain the teeth

Drinking habits

strongly pigmented drinks such as colas, black tea, coffee, or red wine also stain the teeth

Smoking habits

nicotine causes yellow staining

Drugs and chemicals

some will discolor the teeth; if tetracycline is given during childhood, it will embed stains as the teeth develop. This type of staining is deep and harder to remove.

Genetic factors

we each have an inborn tooth enamel shade

Disadvantages of At-Home Tooth Whitening

Whitening toothpastes contain abrasives or chemicals that may be mildly effective at removing surface stains but at a rather significant cost. These toothpastes can remove tooth enamel, resulting in increased sensitivity and risks for more advanced dental problems.

Whitening mouthwashes have never been proved to be effective at improving the color of teeth. Many even contain warnings that they should not be used on teeth that are severely discolored. Mouthwashes with alcohol can also weaken dental bonding used to hold crowns and other restorations in place.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening System

Zoom! is one of the most powerful professional teeth whitening systems available today, capable of whitening your teeth up to eight shades in a single treatment.

Dr. Goel will cover your gums and lips to protect them before carefully applying the whitening gel to your teeth. In three 15-minute segments, your teeth will be exposed to a lamp that is designed to activate the hydrogen peroxide in the whitening gel. As the peroxide starts to break down, oxygen will seep into the enamel and dentin layers of your teeth, bleaching away the stains there.

After your treatment, you will be given a touch-up whitening kit, including trays and a take-home version of the Zoom! whitening gel, to help you maintain your results. However, one of the best and simplest things you can do to make your new smile last is to brush and floss daily. Good dental hygiene will go a long way toward keeping your smile bright and beautiful.

Maintaining Your White Teeth

After you undergo teeth whitening, it’s important to take steps to maintain your results for as long as possible. Your bright new smile won’t last forever, especially if you return to the habits that caused your teeth to darken in the first place. However, with a little care and attention, you can enjoy your smile for years to come.

Preventing Tooth Discoloration After Teeth Whitening

In addition to not smoking, you can prevent premature stains by limiting your intake of certain foods and beverages. Sugary snacks and drinks, especially those that are dark in color, will inevitably stain your teeth. By minimizing the amount of stain-causing foods you consume, you can help preserve your smile’s whiteness.

One easy way to limit the staining effect of dark beverages is to drink them through a straw. This will reduce your front teeth’s exposure to the substance, keeping your smile line white and attractive.

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